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CHANT THIS! - June 26, 2014

If you are a Catholic music director, you may wish to add to your list of resources. While you may not agree with all of my choices, it is always nice to have a peek at another director's selections. Clearly, I favor the marvelous work of current composers, though I lament the occasional difficulty I have in getting my choirs to embrace "classical" forms from centuries past. Still, we are wealthy in new offerings from talented composers, some who cater to youth and others with an eye toward the middle of the road.  Here are most of Shantigarh's projected repertoire through August of 2014.

Solemnity of of Sts. Peter and Paul, Apostles

2014 year A


ENTRANCE:  Litany of Saints: Grayson Warren Brown Hint: start with, who else, Peter and Paul! on the recording, the choir stays a long time before inserting the bridge: We insert the bridge (“That we might be more holy…” Every four or five saints. Also, I like the way the recording swings the piece with appropriate clapping. I’ll try it this week.


Psalm:   R&A. I have other settings, of course, but the literal refrain here is “The angel of the Lord will rescue those who fear him.” That’s right on the money.


PRESENTATION:  Two Celtic Songs -Bell, John L.

Journey Prayers; 1. Tune: QUAZELTANANGO  G.I.A. Publications,

G-5169; Recorded on Take This Moment, CS/CD-464


COMMUNION:  Be Not Afraid Bob Dufford, S.J., Arranged by


SENDING FORTH:  Show Us the Way - Deanna Light and Paul A. Tate  World Library Publications  © 1997

To hear:

To purchase:



14th Sunday in Ordinary Time

July 6, 2014



ENTRANCE:  Live the Promise – Rory Cooney

  © 1994

The first lyrics resonate deeply with the first reading: “O God, you were a warrior, but you set your bow in the sky.”  Nice symmetry, there. 

To hear and to purchase this odd little treasure…


RESPONSORIAL:  RESPONSORIAL:  I Will Praise Your Name – David Haas to hear this old fave, go to

Free four-part pdf at

Is that legal? If not, somebody should tell me. Anyway, no piano and no chords. If it’s not legal, don’t use it. How’s that for a disclaimer?


GOSPEL ACCLAMATION: Shantigarh Alleluia - Shantigarh


COMMUNION:  Taste and See – Steve Angrisano Consistent with the communion antiphon. To purchase sheet music from OCP go to…

To hear:


SENDING FORTH:  I’m inclined to reprise the opening hymn: Live the Promise has a lot of verses and they are easy for the congregation to repeat. 



15th Sunday in Ordinary Time

July 13, 2014



ENTRANCE: RAIN DOWN – Jaime Cortez; the first reading makes this a logical choice.


GOSPEL ACCLAMATION: Shantigarh Alleluia - Shantigarh


PRESENTATION:  I SING THE MIGHTY POWER OF GOD – Shantigarh, to hear on Spotify

to purchase sheet music: Sadly, you have to e-mail me at and I will e-mail you a copy—funky, yes, but I’m working on it. Send a $5 check which will allow you to make 25 copies.



COMMUNION: BEHOLD THE LAMB – Words and Music Keith Getty, Kristyn Getty and Stuart Townsend

To hear this gem:

You can purchase it there, too.

SENDING FORTH:  My Soul Is Thirsting/As Morning Breaks

(Psalm 63) Angrisano, Steve

To hear and purchase:




16th Sunday in Ordinary Time

July 20, 2014



ENTRANCE: Shantigarh Alleluia - Shantigarh


RESPONSORIAL: Lord, You Are Good and Forgiving – Ed Bolduc

To purchase:


PRESENTATION:  God of Wonders – Third Day “God has made a memorial of his wonders…” declares the communion antiphon.

for chords and lyrics


To purchase sheet music:


But I could swear it’s also in WLP’s voices as one in a really accessible three-part vocal arrangement. Just don’t see it on the internet.


18th Sunday in Ordinary Time

August 3, 2014




ENTRANCE: Lead Us to the Water – Tom

Kendzia and Gary Daigle: Choose the “Gathering Rite” version. To hear:


There is also a dismissal version. Both great. OCP


RESPONSORIAL: He Answers All Our Needs – Ed Bolduc Based on Psalm 145 © 1993

To hear:

To purchase:


PRESENTATION: The Hand of the Lord – Shantigarh

Could have used this as responsorial, but that liturgical moment is better served by a gentler version as indicated above. This rocks. No question.

To hear and purchase:


SENDING FORTH: Lead Us to the Water (Dismissal lyrics). To hear and purchase:


19th Sunday in Ordinary Time

August 10, 2014



ENTRANCE: Shantigarh Alleluia - Shantigarh


PRESENTATION: Bridge Over Troubled Water – Paul Simon

arr. by Mark Hayes  © 2006  Shawnee Press. If your pastor won’t allow it, earnestly look for a new Parish. Tell them Shantigarh said it was okay.

Best version (though not “easy,” it allows the original composition to shine through).

To hear and purchase:



SENDING FORTH: I Will Follow ©2010 Chris Tomlin, Jason Ingram, Reuben Morgan It takes all of Peter’s nerve to step out of the boat and follow his savior and while this song makes a nice entrance, it is more effective when people have heard the reading. To hear and order, try…







Join the (digital) club. - July 1, 2012

For the first time in years, I belong to a club.  Actually, I may have started this one and I am sure I started the last one when I was twelve. At that time, my friends and I were devoted to the concept of inventing our own sport since we were not very good at the existing ones.  The club lasted about two weeks.

But my new club has lasted a whole year.  It's called the B-attitudes.  That's a working title and we have not officially agreed on its meaning.  Nevermind.  This club is really useful.  We get together every few months, have lunch, drink some Sweet Tea Vodka and place on the table our music choices for the following 7 or 8 Sundays.  Sometimes we cover a particular season--Easter, Lent.    There's Nick, the youth/young adult Mass director.    He seems to be most up to date about Spirit and Song selections, while I seem to know more about World Library Publications.  The youngest of the group is Jaclyn.  She is the Director of Music at another Parish.  She usually contributes the traditional fare, and we are grateful for it since Nick and I are tripping all over ourselves attempting to be current.  Then there is Annette.  She is a cantor at my Parisha and at Annette's.  Her choices are similar to Jaclyn's but with an emphasis on cantor rather than the choir. 

The song selections you see on our Chant This! column are a distillation of the ideas brought to that table.  I hope you will come to our table, albeit, electronically.  Send us your best thinking for Sunday, preferably several Sundays ahead so there is time to actually acquire the music you are recommending.  In fact, think two months ahead.  If possible, send a link where our friends can download the sheet music or, at the very least, order the octavo by snail mail.   

Sheet Music Download! New addition: Shantigarh Alleluia - October 2, 2010

Welcome to Shantigarh, virtual home of a real praise band.  Let us be your favorite resource as you plan your own contemporary Mass or Christian service.  Below, find week after week of our programming suggestions: sometimes a whole service, and other times, just an idea for a psalm or a meditation.  Catholics and non-Catholics at home in the sweet harmony and strong rhythm section of today's Christian composers will find links to other sites where our suggested hymns can be either downloaded immediately or ordered. 

We also include some of our own compositions in our Download Sheet Music  page.   We want to thank C.M. of Ohio for requesting that we finish a manuscript of I Will Rise and Go so that her Parish could possibly use it when the Catholic lectionary calls for it this September 12.  Thanks for the motivation, girl!  I hope you like this very new piano part.

We now have eleven of our originals available to you in full harmony with piano accompaniment as well as guitar chords.  Our newest additions include the versatile Shantigarh Alleluiah, Hand of the Lord, I Will Rise and Go (just in time for its appearance in the lectionary on 9/12), God in Your Goodness (a setting of Psalm 68), and Kingdom of Heaven, which draws on Christ's parables of the Kingdom in Matthew 13 and is also the heart and soul of the Shantigarh Requiem for the Unborn.  Also look for In Every Age, a setting of Psalm 90, which calls for a relaxed hip-hop feel as well as the talents of a smooth tenor soloist.  Praise the Lord, My Soul, one of Shantigarh's most popular responsorials which doubles as a good entrance song or recessional, and, from the Shantigarh Requiem for the Unborn, we can now offer the prelude, Lover of Souls, the entrance hymn, Tell This Generation, psalm 42, As the Deer Longs, and the communion hymn, Veni Creator Spiritus, featurning a soprano descant suitable for this Mass and an alternate descant for Pentecost or any liturgy in which the role of the Paraclete (Holy Spirit) is of particular emphasis. 

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