Eliza's recent thoughts.

Eliza has sung with Shantigarh for some time.  She lives in New York and now is the director of her own ensemble (or is it the Parish? Let me know, e.p.)  Her recent e-mail has some good information for the contemporary Christian culture in which we all live.


We do the psalm 63 by angrisano that's in one of the spirit and song books ( http://www.spiritandsong.com/compositions/16822 ) -the harmony part they wrote sucks, HAHA, and I like to do it faster than they do it on the recording, but I'm sure you could adapt it and avoid doing a chant psalm :0)

On another note, you know what Shantigarh.com is majorly missing? A blurb about Shantigarh! You need a little "about us" paragraph with a little Shantigarh history in there :0) Heaven knows Shantigarh has history!

Miss you,

P.S. My dad mentioned something about how you don't know about the box drum! Well, technically, it's called a "cajon drum" and it's AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING. I work at an echo plagued church where a full drum kit would be unworkable and not a lot of drummers have electronic kits (plus, I have the most basic of sound systems, 5 mic inputs and one amp)

here's a youtube video of a guy playing one: http://www.bing.com/videos/watch/video/cajon-demonstration-rock-style/d0928e96295d85f21604d0928e96295d85f21604-61059957924

You can see it makes similar sounds to a drum kit, but it's quieter and easier for a New Yorker to carry.

and here's the cajon wiki: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cajon

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