Palm Sunday


Palm Sunday 2010


Gathering Outside (before blessing of palms):  Time of Fulfillment - James Chepponis, 1994 GIA.  We sing all verses adding alto, tenor, bass, ad seriatum.


Processional:  Prepare Ye the Way - Michael W. Smith, Word Music

 We have been using this as our recessional for three weeks in the hopes that, by Palm Sunday, there will be no need of worship aids.  People will just be able to sing it.  Our motto is "If you can't sing it right, sing it wrong."  (That's the motto for congregation, not for shantigarh.) 

Psalm:  My God, My God - Marty Haugen, GIA 1983

Acclamation:  Lenten Gospel Acclamation - 1989 GIA

Presentation:  And No Bird Sang - Douglas E. Wagner, Shawnee Press, Inc.  1983  (If you can't find it try "O Jerusalem" by David Haas, 1997   GIA)

Eucharistic Acclamations:  Heritage (getting old but good for Lent)

Communion #1:  Litany of Deliverance - Rory Cooney, 1995 GIA

No recessional for this day and Good Friday.  What we usually do (and still may) is move the choir to the vestibule with all that natural reverb and sing O How He Loves You and Me from the African-American Catholic Hymnal as the people pass by on the way to their cars.  Sometimes, we stand across the parking lot on a hillside and sing as they are leaving.  They can barely hear us from that distance and some well-intentioned lady always tell us we should have microphones, missing the point altogether.  It is a solemn prayer directed from choir to God and to anyone who draws close.  Don't draw close and you won't hear the prayer.  That's okay too. 


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