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Until we have particle transfer beams intead of receiving packages through the post office, snail mail remains more exciting than its electronic spawnlings.  Why?  Because that's how big packages still arrive.  One package arrived at my home, sent by Eliza Poehlman, an inspired liturgical music director in New York who, in apparent appreciation of our Shantigarh repertoire advice, has sent some of her own.  Her note says she is "overflowing with protestant pop ballads, spirituals, and epic David T. Clydesdale arrangements." 

Here are some pieces she feels are strong contenders for your Sunday services.

I Will Run to You.  Darlene Zschech (Hillsongs)  www.praisecharts.com

(Eliza:  "You could probably find a better arrangement of this song... with a lot of key changes or somethings.  It's by the 'Shout to the Lord' lady.")

Don't Be Worried - Grayson Warren Brown; arr. by Val Parker and Larry Adams.  OCP Publications.

(Eliza:  "Instant SATB - use the piano part.  My predecessor loved spirituals, so we hava a bunch.  I like this one a lot!  I like doing it with lots of slides."  [Ed. note:  Eliza is referring, I believe to those upward pitch scoops which are verbotten in classical but so essential in pop if you know  how to do it.]

The Glory - Words and Music by Regia Hamm and Jim Cooper

(Eliza:  "We're a small group, so we do a lot of duets and trio pop ballads, though we have also done this one w/the choir singing the refrain.  Avalon did this song.  Cheesily.) 

Endless is Your Love - Tom Kendzia  ©2006 OCP

(Eliza:  "This song is in the OCP Breaking Bread OCP issue, but you need to have the full arrangememnt.  The harmonies rock as does the piano part.  the choral intro is a bit weird, though.") [The choral octavo is available through OCP, Octavo packet #20291.]

Anthem   - Tom Conry ©1978

(Eliza:  "An oldie, I'm sure you know, but you have to do it way faster than the Spirit and Song.com recording and with very little piano; almost all guitar and drums with strong 2s and 4s with a lot of picking like a folk rock song.")

Oh, I Want to Know You More - ©2000 BMG Songs/Birdwing Music Words and Music by Steve Fry; arr. David T. Clydesdale.

(Eliza:  "this is obviously an epic David T. Clydesdale arrangement, but it's a good tune.") [performance time  4:35.  In the Catholic Mass, only a prelude or a presentation song seem natural settings at plus-four minutes, and the presentation only if it is a full congregation and the collection may be expected to take a while.  You might even caution the presider (if he's your bud) not to hurry so he isn't waiting around.]

Benediction - Words and Music by Curtis Stephan; arr. Rick Modlin  ©2007  Publ. by spirit and Song.

(Eliza:  "The text fits a lot of readings, and the harmonies are fun even if they're over-written.") 

We Shall Walk through the Valley in Peace - Arranged by Moses Hogan.   ©2001 Hal Leonard

(Eliza:  "Great funeral Spiritual.  I'm sure you could find other uses for it as well.") [Catholic directors are not often familiar with Moses Hogan.  He is a part of every subscription publisher's mailing to the high school choir directors throughout the U.S. and is regularly included in public school Christmas and spring concerts.]

Come to the Lord - Words and Music by Steve Angrisano and Tom Tamaszek; arr Rick Modlin  ©2002

(Eliza:  "This is in the spirit and Song Vol 1 but this [particular arrangement] is a vocal arrangement for you."  [The copy notes that one should visit www.ocp.org for further info.]

Can't Live a Day  -  Words and Music by Connie Harrington, Joe Beck and Ty Lacy;  arr. David T. Clydesdale.   ©1999.  Ariose Music.    Perf. time:  4:30

[Eliza has not commented on this choice of hers but is 47 pages long.  Is this a song or La Traviata?  Wow.  I'm enraged and jealous.  I don't think I can write a song that long.  Anyway, keep in mind that in our Catholic Churches, we justify every second of music and I would make sure there is a HUGE liturgical action going on at Presentation before launching this.  Can't wait to hear it.]

We Ever Will Praise You - Angus McDonell  ©1997.  Publ by spiritandsong.com

(Eliza:  "...[weird] verses but a great chorus which makes up for everything, also in your Spirit and Song but thought I'd point it out.")




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