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For the first time in years, I belong to a club.  Actually, I may have started this one and I am sure I started the last one when I was twelve. At that time, my friends and I were devoted to the concept of inventing our own sport since we were not very good at the existing ones.  The club lasted about two weeks.

But my new club has lasted a whole year.  It's called the B-attitudes.  That's a working title and we have not officially agreed on its meaning.  Nevermind.  This club is really useful.  We get together every few months, have lunch, drink some Sweet Tea Vodka and place on the table our music choices for the following 7 or 8 Sundays.  Sometimes we cover a particular season--Easter, Lent.    There's Nick, the youth/young adult Mass director.    He seems to be most up to date about Spirit and Song selections, while I seem to know more about World Library Publications.  The youngest of the group is Jaclyn.  She is the Director of Music at another Parish.  She usually contributes the traditional fare, and we are grateful for it since Nick and I are tripping all over ourselves attempting to be current.  Then there is Annette.  She is a cantor at my Parisha and at Annette's.  Her choices are similar to Jaclyn's but with an emphasis on cantor rather than the choir. 

The song selections you see on our Chant This! column are a distillation of the ideas brought to that table.  I hope you will come to our table, albeit, electronically.  Send us your best thinking for Sunday, preferably several Sundays ahead so there is time to actually acquire the music you are recommending.  In fact, think two months ahead.  If possible, send a link where our friends can download the sheet music or, at the very least, order the octavo by snail mail.   

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